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Mary Ann Magsaysay, President + CEO

As President and CEO of ProFarm Seed, Ms. Magsaysay is committed to the mission, vision, and values that define the company. Her wealth of management experience from years of being at the helm of her family's companies in the Philippines has honed her for her role in ProFarm.


Rajeev Jha, Research Manager

Rajeev Jha has spent numerous years in research and development.  He has left an indelible mark in ProFarm Seed, contributing greatly to the company's mission of excellence in research, continuing from his days with ProFarm Seed's Chairman, Kamendra Mishra in BioSeed.


G.J. Khan, Marketing Manager

Dr. G.J. Khan comes to ProFarm Seed with a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in Biotechnology from Lalit Nayaran Mithila University. As ProFarm Seed's Business Development Manager, G.J. Khan is responsible for expanding the ProFarm Seed family.

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Akshay Jain, Finance Manager

Akshay manages the finance & treasury functions of ProFarm Group of companies. As a Fellow Chartered accountant he has a vast experience in finance management of seed industry and is instrumental in aligning the finance functions with the visions & missions of ProFarm group.

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